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Equal Opportunities

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Equal Opportunities

Here at Syntech we are strongly committed to an environment which supports and encourages all under-represented groups. SynTech looks to promote a culture of inclusiveness and values diversity.


This commitment is not limited to the student body but also includes the academic and non-academic staff at the CDT, including our External Advisory Board.

Greater diversity will benefit us by allowing us to draw on a greater mix of skills, experiences, perspectives and ideas.



We welcome applications from students of under-represented groups at SynTech. All applications are evaluated on the basis of academic merit.

Our students come from a variety of academic, social and geographical backgrounds. The Cambridge Trust provides scholarships to students from around the world.

Cambridge University offers a wide range of support to students, including for disabled students. Student (and staff) networks around gender, culture, health and many more promote the inclusion of everybody at the University.

UK Applicants from low income households, applicants with asylum seeker or refugee status and overseas applicants from any of the countries mentioned here are eligible to apply for an application fee waiver.

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At SynTech we engage with the general public, policy makers and the scientific community through a variety of channels.

At the Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry we hold the annual Cambridge Science festival where we celebrate science and open our doors to the public. During the event we encourage our scientists, young and old, to take a hands on approach and explore all the wonders that Chemistry has to offer. 

We believe in the importance of outreach activities to connect with local communities and build a growing interest in science. 

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University environment and support

Students and staff at Syntech can make full use of a wide support network at Cambridge University. The host Department, The Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry has very strong policies of equality, diversity and inclusion at the work place. Matters such as gender diversity, mental health, work-life balance is very important to us. These values are shared across the University and all our other participating departments in this CDT.

For more in-depth information of the University's equal opportunities policies follow this link.

The Disability Resource Centre at the University of Cambridge offers support to disabled students. If you disclose a disability on your application you will be emailed by the DRC between March and July, asking for more information. Engaging with the DRC before you start your course will make for an easier transition into life as a postgraduate student. You can disclose a disability at any time during the application process.

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